Joe Biden's 2024 budget wants higher taxes on Bitcoin mining firms, more IRS surveillance, and wants to ax tax-loss harvesting for crypto traders.
The US Government is still a Bitcoin Whale - FTM11Listen now (49 min) | Nostr grows by the day and Bitcoin is the engine. A latest rip of the Fix The Money podcast from Vienna.
We talked to Bitcoiners in Africa and the Middle East. Here are the three most valuable lessons.
A Central Bank Ponzi Blowing Up: Hyperinflation and the Rise of Bitcoin in Lebanon - FTM10 with Sooly KobayashiListen now (57 min) | What happens if the central bank runs a literal ponzi scheme? Bitcoiner Sooly has found out - in his home country of Lebanon.
A protocol for decentralized social media and beyond provides the latest use case for sats.
Chinese Merchants Accept Bitcoin for Exports to Nigeria - FTM9 with Mary ImasuenListen now (71 min) | Amid the chaos of central bank mismanagement & inflation, Nigerians are discovering actual every-day usecases for Bitcoin faster…
The US billionaire profited off a centralised system his entire life. His love for the hand that fed him is so intense that he's now turning into a…
FTM8: "LOL you can't unsubscribe from CBDCs"Fix the Money Podcast Episode 8: Slavecoin plans coming to light, cracking down on shitcoin stakers, and Bitcoin in the creator economy
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