Jun 21 • 1HR 11M

Better civilizations through Bitcoin's scarcity and abundance w/ Ioni Appelberg

Diving into the mind of Ioni Appelberg on his latest book

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Yaël Ossowski
Our money is broken, let's fix it. This is the most important story of our lifetime. Fix the money is the newsletter and podcast by Niko Jilch, writer and journalist from Vienna, Austria.
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This week’s episode is with Ioni Appelberg, a Swedish doctor turned Bitcoin author and creative mastermind.

We sat down in Prague in between sessions and socials at BTC Prague, where we both had the privilege of sessions and panels on stage.

Ioni has a cosmic mind, and has a futuristic view of Bitcoin that stands apart. We talk about futurism and Bitcoin, the potentials for energy advancements, and why Bitcoin’s limited 21 million coins will bring us more wealth than we can imagine.

Definitely check out his book, follow his writings, and enjoy our conversation!



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