May 24 • 52M

Bitcoin is the best monetary good we know - Luc Froehlich (Fidelity International)

Luc Froehlich is the global head of digital assets at finance giant Fidelity International.

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Niko Jilch ⚡️
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Today I got the chance to sit down with Luc Froehlich, global head of digital assets at Fidelity International. The US Investment giant is one of the most important mainstream players who got into Bitcoin early - and so did Luc himself. We talk about institutional adoption of Bitcoin and the dominating narratives that drive the market.

Luc also compares Bitcoin to gold and asks: “Where is all the gold stored? You are putting yourself into a position where you have to put trust in someone.”

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We debate the role of altcoins and “digital assets” - from tokenisation of assets like art and real estate to DeFi and other topics. We also cover the question of Bitcoin as a reserve asset and ponder if central banks will buy Bitcoin any time soon.


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