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Can states kill Bitcoin in the US? - FTM12

Can states kill Bitcoin in the US? - FTM12

Excerpt from a Twitter space on US state-level Bitcoin policy w/ Bitcoin Magazine and Bitcoin Policy Institute

Hey Fix The Money fam — Yaël here.

Today I made an appearance on the Bitcoin Magazine daily Twitter space, talking up my recent article The Silent March of Bitcoin Policies Across US States for the Bitcoin Policy Institute, which I recently joined as a visiting fellow.

We wanted to splice it up and offer it to Fix The Money listeners, so here’s the podcast version for your digestion.

We talk money transmitter licenses (why they matter), friends and enemies of Bitcoin at the state level, protecting proof-of-work, and how to advance good model policy that empowers ordinary people to interact with Bitcoin, with or without the state.

Don’t worry, America is not the world, but I do think there are good lessons here for global plebs.

Other panelists:

  • Grant McCarthy, Co-Executive Director, Bitcoin Policy Institute

  • Kyle Schneps, Director of Public Policy, Foundry Services

  • Sam Callahan, Lead Analyst, Swan Bitcoin

  • Dan Spuller, Head of Industry Affairs, Blockchain Association

Thanks for listening!



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Fix the money.
Fix the Money - a Bitcoin Podcast
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