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Chinese Merchants Accept Bitcoin for Exports to Nigeria - FTM9 with Mary Imasuen

Chinese Merchants Accept Bitcoin for Exports to Nigeria - FTM9 with Mary Imasuen

Amid the chaos of central bank mismanagement & inflation, Nigerians are discovering actual every-day usecases for Bitcoin faster than us in the West.

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Bitcoin? Useless!!

Well, except for the Nigerian companies who use it to buy goods from China.

Today we’re taking a deep dive into Bitcoin in Africa and Nigeria specifically. This is a country where Bitcoin can have an immediate positive impact. And Mary Imasuen will not stop until all her countrymen know about it. She is a young Bitcoiner from Nigeria, she runs two podcasts, a Twitch stream and is an avid Bitcoin gamer. In this episode of “Fix the money” she tells me about…

  • The state of Bitcoin in Nigeria

  • The chaos induced by the central banks push against cash

  • The totally unsuccessful E-Naira CBDC

  • How amazing Bitcoin-games are

  • And how Chinese companies are accepting Bitcoin payments for goods - a lot of goods apparently

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Best, Niko


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Fix the money.
Fix the Money - Bitcoin podcast
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