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FTM7 with Greg Foss: "The fiat currency system is a ponzi scheme, Bitcoin will change the world"

An open and honest conversation with the one and only Greg Fos. He has been a Bitcoiner before Bitcoin even existed. Now he's in for the long run.

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Our money is broken, let's fix it. This is the most important story of our lifetime. Fix the money is the newsletter and podcast by Niko Jilch, writer and journalist from Vienna, Austria.
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Greg Foss is a lovely guy. I had the pleasure to spend a couple of days in Bulgaria with him - in autumn 2022. And we even found time to sit down and talk about his Bitcoin-story.

Well, it’s almost not a Bitcoin-story at all. Greg knew about the problems with the “fiat ponzi” since he started his banking career in the late 1980ies - when I was just born :)

So Bitcoin found Greg rather late in his career. This gives him a unique perspective within a space, that is dominated by younger people with less experience in the “real” world. But that’s also the heart of the story here. Greg doesn’t think that the fiat world is any more real than the Bitcoin world. Greg: “Fiat is a ponzi and Bitcoin will change the world.”

I want to thank Greg for his time and being so open and honest with me. I think it made for a great conversation - and I hope you, the listeners, will see it the same way.

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Till next time, Niko

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