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Fix the Money - a Bitcoin Podcast
FTM8: "LOL you can't unsubscribe from CBDCs"

FTM8: "LOL you can't unsubscribe from CBDCs"

Podcast episode 8: Slavecoin plans coming to light, cracking down on shitcoin stakers, and Bitcoin in the creator economy

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Niko and Yaël broadcast from Vienna, running through the latest happenings on the Fix The Money substack, the casino clown world, and Bitcoin in action:

  • When elites lose control, it’s a Revolt of the (Bitcoin) Public

  • Used your slavecoin “digital” Euro or pound yet? It’s not like you can unsubscribe.

  • How do the private banks fit into a CBDC world? Surveillance is the point.

  • The SEC is coming for the stakers (whether or not Gensler is a secret Bitcoiner)

  • Why Sam Bankman-Fried was filling the pockets of Agriculture Senators

  • Innovations of Podcasting 2.0 and NOSTR showing Bitcoin’s use case

  • Inscriptions, ordinals, and “I will fight for your right to Bitcoin”

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Niko: @nikojilch / nostr: npub1st4elxz4dphx2qxpuaklvs855zetnkglu8dvszdxamgqn5q3pk5svflv5p

Yaël: @yaeloss / nostr: npub15dnln6cukw3yrflnv3hnrntdt9amh0uw466u6tns05ymqp3nal4qzz3lfc

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Fix the money.
Fix the Money - a Bitcoin Podcast
Our money is broken, let's fix it. This is the most important story of our lifetime. Fix the money is the newsletter and podcast by Niko Jilch, writer and journalist from Vienna, Austria.