Aug 25 • 1HR 11M

Inflation is a policy! Rune Østgård on the ultimate Fraudcoin: fiat money

A Norwegian explanation of the historical trend of inflation and why it has proven so disastrous for humanity and prosperity.

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Yaël Ossowski
Our money is broken, let's fix it. This is the most important story of our lifetime. Fix the money is the newsletter and podcast by Niko Jilch, writer and journalist from Vienna, Austria.
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Today’s podcast interview is with Norwegian lawyer and author Rune Østgård, who has written a definitive long history of inflation and redistribution of wealth through bad money.

Join us as we weave down the path of failed monetary history, prospects for Bitcoin as an alternative, and what we can learn from the non-EU, energy-rich part of northern Europe.

Rune’s book:

Fraudcoin: 1000 Years with Inflation as a Policy

Rune’s Twitter:

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