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Lightning is the superior payments network w/ Jose Lemus

Lightning is the superior payments network w/ Jose Lemus

Paying with Bitcoin was once a novelty. But lightning has unlocked a new economy. My conversation with Jose Lemus of IBEX Pay.

Bitcoin is our next great hope to fix the money. Lightning, Bitcoin’s second-later solution, will help us make that a reality.

To understand lightning’s progress as the next-generation payment network that will scale to meet global demand, I speak with Jose Lemus, CEO of IBEX Pay.

His company is onboarding thousands of merchants so they can accept Bitcoin for goods and services, and I wanted to hear more about how this will continue to evolve. Plus, some Bitcoin origin stories.

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Fix the money.
Fix the Money - Bitcoin podcast
Our money is broken, let's fix it. Journalist Niko Jilch talks to the most interesting people in Bitcoin.