Fix the money.
Fix the Money - a Bitcoin Podcast
The US Government is still a Bitcoin Whale - FTM11

The US Government is still a Bitcoin Whale - FTM11

Nostr grows by the day and Bitcoin is the engine. A latest rip of the Fix The Money podcast from Vienna.

Block number: 779595

The Nostr protocol continues to bring Bitcoin dividends, the US gov’t is still a Bitcoin whale, and ETFs and crypto banks are either on the brink or about to explode.

This week, Niko and Yaël sit down at Fix The Money headquarters to resume the latest and great articles and interviews on the site, and follow the news of the week.

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Yaël: @yaeloss / nostr: npub15dnln6cukw3yrflnv3hnrntdt9amh0uw466u6tns05ymqp3nal4qzz3lfc

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Fix the money.
Fix the Money - a Bitcoin Podcast
Our money is broken, let's fix it. This is the most important story of our lifetime. Fix the money is the newsletter and podcast by Niko Jilch, writer and journalist from Vienna, Austria.