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Why Bitcoin will win - FTM15 with Knut Svanholm

Why Bitcoin will win - FTM15 with Knut Svanholm

Leaving a positive Bitcoin legacy, what it teaches you along the way, and seeing past the illusion of modern progress

Knut Svanholm is a former sailor, singer, and crew manager at an offshore shipping company, best known for brining philosophical components to Bitcoin, and his books Bitcoin: Sovereignty Through Mathematics and Bitcoin: Everything Divided by 21.

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We discuss the network power of Bitcoin, breaking through corruption of the system, what we leave behind for our children, and what Bitcoin teaches us about the division of labor. It’s not about getting rich, it’s about getting wise.

Best, Niko


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Fix the money.
Fix the Money - Bitcoin podcast
Our money is broken, let's fix it. Journalist Niko Jilch talks to the most interesting people in Bitcoin.