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thank you ram!

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forget 2050. Cash has largely been deleted already. <10%

It's freedom money or slave coin. There is no in between.

Sell fiat and buy bitcoin like the life of your children depends on it

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The US is not going to sell out its commercial banking sector to Techno-communism. Sberbank assigned JP Morgan as the sole custodian of its shares 1 month after the war broke out.

See March 23rd underneath the Documents tab: https://adr.com/drprofile/80585Y308

Follow the strings of logic here, Russia froze ruble liquidity & Biden locked out Russian banks from SWIFT. JP Morgan through its subsidiary is technically the only financial institution in the West with direct access to rubles at the moment (if not other separate deals with Sberbank for other ways to circumvent their opposing forces).

So its clear JP Morgan along with the Fed and the Russians have the upper hand with energy prices where they are. JPM also holding down the price of gold too with massive levels of gold derivative exposure, likely to prevent the ECB / BIS or BOE from selling down any of their gold for dollars to crash energy prices or upend JPM's scheme here. Meanwhile, this month, Italy has a major election which could determine the end point of these globalist plans. If they default on their debt, it would tumble the whole European banking system in one go.

If not this path, then another way in which the opposing side gains an upper hand is ruble strength via Russia bidding for Bitcoin for its balance sheet from its energy revenues. Meanwhile JPM's subsidiary can stock rubles away on its books to shore up its own balance sheet, which in effect can help the USD at a later date. They help close the loop while the other central banks have to yield at some point.

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