Hi. My Name is Niko. I‘m a financial journalist based in Vienna, Austria. For the last 12 years I’ve been covering the global monetary system, its problems and ways to fix it. I believe this is the most important story of our lifetime.

I’ve started this Substack as a way to share my thoughts and insights on Bitcoin, gold and the monetary chaos we see. Starting in 2023 I got the incredible Yaël Ossowski on board as a writer, producer and co-host for our podcast.

My investigation is ongoing and will probably be forever unfinished. I might be wrong about many things. If I change my mind I will tell you. The only thing I can promise is honesty.

Thank you for reading, subscribing and supporting my work.

Here is my Twitter. I spend way too much time there.

  • I run a German podcast and YouTube Channel called “Was Bitcoin bringt”.

  • I appear as an expert on Austrian television and as a speaker on Bitcoin and money - at public events and also for banks and family offices.

  • For many years I’ve been covering the history of our Dollar-based system and its enemies for the renowned Report “In Gold We Trust” by Incrementum.

  • Yaël Ossowski is co-founder and deputy director at the global consumer advocacy group Consumer Choice Center.

  • He also hosts a syndicated radio show called Consumer Choice Radio on Canadian and American airwaves also produced as a podcast.

  • He has been lobbying and writing on consumer topics for close to a decade.

IMPORTANT: This newsletter is my way of sharing my insights as a journalist and those of guest authors with a global audience. Its aim is to inform and to entertain. Nothing within this newsletter is to be considered financial advice!


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Canadian-American writer, journalist, and radio host. An Innocent Abroad. Deputy Director at the Consumer Choice Center.