The System Goes to Hell - FTM13 with Matthew MezinskisListen now | Bank runs, bail-ins, and bailouts, the system is going to hell before our eyes. How will our financial institutions and central banks pivot…
Banking crisis, monetary debasement, inflation: Bitcoin is doing exactly what it's supposed to do - regardless of what the failing central planners say…
Can states kill Bitcoin in the US? - FTM12Listen now (94 min) | Excerpt from a Twitter space on US state-level Bitcoin policy w/ Bitcoin Magazine and Bitcoin Policy Institute
Joe Biden's 2024 budget wants higher taxes on Bitcoin mining firms, more IRS surveillance, and wants to ax tax-loss harvesting for crypto traders.
The US Government is still a Bitcoin Whale - FTM11Listen now (49 min) | Nostr grows by the day and Bitcoin is the engine. A latest rip of the Fix The Money podcast from Vienna.
We talked to Bitcoiners in Africa and the Middle East. Here are the three most valuable lessons.
A Central Bank Ponzi Blowing Up: Hyperinflation and the Rise of Bitcoin in Lebanon - FTM10 with Sooly KobayashiListen now (57 min) | What happens if the central bank runs a literal ponzi scheme? Bitcoiner Sooly has found out - in his home country of Lebanon.

February 2023

A protocol for decentralized social media and beyond provides the latest use case for sats.
Chinese Merchants Accept Bitcoin for Exports to Nigeria - FTM9 with Mary ImasuenListen now (71 min) | Amid the chaos of central bank mismanagement & inflation, Nigerians are discovering actual every-day usecases for Bitcoin faster…
The US billionaire profited off a centralised system his entire life. His love for the hand that fed him is so intense that he's now turning into a…
FTM8: "LOL you can't unsubscribe from CBDCs"Fix the Money Podcast Episode 8: Slavecoin plans coming to light, cracking down on shitcoin stakers, and Bitcoin in the creator economy
Popular revolutions are happening before our eyes and elites are losing grip. Will Bitcoin elevate the public?